Business Tools From Bullingdon Post

Bullingdon Post recognizes the value that content plays for many marketing teams today, and as such we have created a number of great tools to support your business.

1. Company Profile Pages (coming soon)
Each company can have its own company page, which features its Members and their content.  The company will receive it’s own unique URL, for instance and can also request a custom sub-domain, such as This is an ideal feature for large content producers, conferences and events that want to bring lots of content together in one location

2. Private Panels
Some companies want to create content for their own terms only. When creating a panel, simply select ‘Private’ and only those individuals who have the URL will know where the panel is.

3. Group Moderator
Commonly the voice of a company might not produce their own content. Instead it might be a marketing person or a PR firm. If this is you, assign the rights to manage your accounts on your behalf to a Group Moderator.

4. Search Benefits
All links used in a panelist’s responses will assist with search engine rankings, and to avoid spam on the site, all public comments are blocked from creating link spam.

5. Member’s Profile Pages
Every Member has their own profile page that features the Panels that they either moderated or were a Panelist on, in one shareable location.  Each profile page has a unique URL based on your name, i.e.


6. Video Panels (coming soon)
Bullingdon is not just about written content. If you have video of a previous panel on YouTube, we have a special page template for you to embed the content. Each speaker in the video is tagged so that the video appears on their own profile or company pages.

And of course always reach out to us with any of your own ideas!

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