Creating Your First Panel

Creating your first panel is a very quick and simple process.

If you haven’t yet signed up, visit and click the Registration link in the top right corner. You can signup by completing the form, or using Twitter and Facebook. You will receive a message asking you to confirm your email address.

The Quick Cheat Sheet:

1. Register

2. Create Panel using the step by step wizard

3. Invite your panelists

4. Choose ‘Make Live’ when your panelists have responded

5. Promote

The Full Details:

1. Login to the site with your username and password, or with Facebook or Twitter

2. Find ‘Create Panel’ in the left navigation

3. There are 3 types of panels to choose from – the default panel is the most popular, and is a single moderator and 2, 3 or 4 panelists

4. Choose Open to create a public panel

5. And add tags that are relevant to the topic, this will help people understand it and make it easier to find

Save & Next

6. Give your panel a suitable title, this will appear at the top of the panel, much like an article, and so think about a suitable length

7. Similar with the description – this sits above the questions and answers and should fully introduce the panel, and perhaps your panelists too, 100 words or more is appropriate.

8. Pick as many categories that are relevant

9. Upload a photo. The site will guide you on suitable sizes and resolutions, and offer you the ability to crop the picture to the right dimensions. Click ‘crop & save’ at the top of the page.

Save & Next

10. Add your questions, and press the Add button. You can have up to 10 questions.

Save & Next

11. Now it’s time to add your panelists. If they are already a member choose Bullingdon Post and start typing their name. If they are not yet a member, then there are a number of options. Most commonly, Members enter their email addresses, however you can also search for them using Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. It may take a few minutes to load all your social connections if you are super popular.

Save & Next

12. Check you are happy with the URL and create the panel – you can come back through the wizard at any time

You will receive emails when your panelists respond, and when the panel is ready to go live. You can also keep an eye on their progress by looking at Notifications and To Do in the Member’s Area.

That’s it!

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