Introducing The Bullingdon Post

The Internet today feels like it is becoming choked with celebrity gossip and shock headlines, and lacks the level of stimulation that lots of us are looking for. The Bullingdon Post is focused on standing out from that chatter and to deliver content that is interesting, challenging, motivating and entertaining. In short, we want to be the home of smarter conversation.

The structure of our content is what raises the bar. Each ‘article’ is actually a panel discussion with a Moderator and Panelists. The Moderator introduces the topic and sets a number of questions for his or her chosen Panelists. Those Panelists then respond, often with differing opinions and perspectives. If you really want to investigate a subject, you have to have points of view that challenge each other, and therefore you. Whilst many might be interested in reading a piece from one author to have their current beliefs reaffirmed, readers of Bullingdon Post want to learn about all sides of the topic.

To support the creation of quality, every reader has the opportunity to rate the performance of the Moderator and Panelists, and those scores are shown publicly for each person. It adds an interesting element of competition too.

There were many motivations that led to this project.

Firstly, as a public speaker I often sit on real-life panels, and it is always such a disappointment to me when it is over, and the discussion that just occurred dies. It always feels like such a waste! Finding a way to bring that online into a permanent record was the genesis.

Secondly, organizations like TED have done wonders for giving smart people a stage to talk to other smart people. We will work tirelessly to bring Bullingdon Post to that level of content and global respect.

Thirdly, people just don’t really debate with each other anymore. Watch a conversation between an average group of people, and they aren’t listening and learning, they are waiting for their turn to jump in with a headline. The Internet is about connecting people, and began with message boards and chat rooms. It was ugly, but for the first time, topics were easily talked about on a global scale, and across many people. That seed led to what we have today, but became lost as the web grew. We want to bring that idea of raw connections back.

Bullingdon Post is currently in private beta, and you can create your account early and start creating your own panels. When the site is made public, your content will be the first on there, and most likely featured prominently.

Best of all, Bullingdon Post is free!

In return, we hope to see you become a Member and start creating your own content to share with the world.

Appreciate you checking us out

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