I received a panel invitation, what now?


Hello -

Lucky you, you have received an invitation to be a part of a panel discussion or interview on The Bullingdon Post. That’s awesome, but what happens now?

1. You are not yet a member

If you are not yet a member of The Bullingdon Post, you might be confused as to what this email you have  received is all about. What you need to know:

  •  Bullingdon Post is a free and open platform for anyone to share their thoughts and ideas
  • The format of the content is primarily based on panel discussions, with a moderator and a number of panelists
  • In addition there are video panels and 1:1 interviews
  • Anyone can register for an account and become both a moderator and a panelist
  • You have now been invited to a panel – click the link in the email and you will be asked to complete a simple registration form, and then once you log in, you will see a link to respond to the panel in the ‘To Do’ section

Bullingdon Post is raising the standard of content online. If we may be so bold, one of our goals is to make this the TED of written debate. You have been invited because you have been determined to be of a high standard and to be uber interesting.

Good luck on your first panel.

2. You are already a member

If you are a member of Bullingdon Post already, log in to your  account and click the ‘To Do’ option from the main menu on the left. The panel will be listed there, with a link to the page to answer the questions. Once all the panelists have responded, the moderator who invited you can make the panel live. In your Member’s area, you can also see stats on how many people read your panel too.

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