A Sneak Peek At The Bullingdon Post

The Bullingdon Post is currently in beta testing. That means you can register for your free account and begin creating your first panels right now. When you publish your panel it will be added to the site, but the public areas of the site won’t go live for a short while until we are ready.

To see how the site looks, take a look at these screenshots, and how your panels will be featured.

1. Homepage

The all important homepage! When we come out of testing, the temporary homepage you see now will be replaced with the real homepage. Designed to be a content site, the homepage will feature panels from all categories, as well registration options for new members.



2. Panel page – Moderator and Panelists

The key difference with The Bullingdon Post is the format – a default panel features a Moderator who introduces the topic and sets the questions. Panelists then respond to those questions, and when complete, the whole piece is published as a single piece of content.



3. Interview – Moderator and 1 panel

As an alternative format, Bullingdon Post members can create a panel format that is more of a 1:1 interview. This feature is coming soon, during the testing period.

4. User scoring

Quality content was a key motivator for The Bullingdon Post, and to help our visitors navigate the panels, each visitor can score the responses from each Panelist. Those scores are then aggregated to produce the score for the Moderator. Additionally, every time a member takes part in a panel they receive a point, allowing them to move up through the levels of expertise.

profile scoring


5. Member’s dashboard

And if you haven’t yet created your free account, the member’s dashboard is powerful and simple. From here you can create your panels, manage the panels you are a member of, and view live statistics for your visitors.



To learn more about the origin of Bullingdon Post, read “Introducing The Bullingdon Post”.

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