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Originally the name of one of the oldest debating societies in the world, the Bullingdon Post brings the voice of several experts or enthusiasts into one place, to debate a topic of their choosing. Traditional news outlets, blogs or articles can be a good reference point, but the smartest of us look for multiple points of view on a subject, looking to challenge what we think.

Instead of listening to a single perspective, on the Bullingdon Post you will read 'panels' that consist of a Moderator who sets the topic and description, and then poses several questions to a number of Panelists. In turn the Panelists provide their view point, and once complete, the Panel is made live on the site for anyone to read, vote and comment.

You are invited to be a speaker, and on any topics you choose. The process is incredibly easy, no technical knowledge is required. To date we have categories for politics, business, digital marketing, ethics, celebrity, the arts, health, hobbies and many more.

The Bullingdon Post looks the part. Designed with social sharing and engagement in mind, Bullingdon Post is becoming the new standard for online content creation.
Panel page
Profile page
Tools for business
If you are creating panels for business purposes, we have provided a number of tools for you, with more to come after we launch.
Private Panels
Create content for just those individuals you select, useful for education or training in the work environment
Group Moderator
At any time you can allocate an additional member to take control of your account, a helpful solution for marketing and PR professionals that want to help their speakers save time
Search Engine Optimization
All links used in a panelist's responses will assist with search engine rankings, and to avoid spam on the site, all public comments are blocked from creating link spam
Member's Profile Page
Every member receives their own personal page, not unlike a LinkedIn profile page, where visitors can see their company and role, as well as the panels they have participated in
Whether you are using Bullingdon Post for work or pleasure, your account is free.
Private beta test

Bullingdon Post is currently in a private beta testing phase, and by being sent to this page, you are invited to be a part of it. From today you will be able to create your own free account, add your profile page and setup your first panels. When the site goes live, your panels will made live on the site before we open the doors to a wider audience.

Beta participants will be limited in number, so register now and claim your account, and your name for your profile page.

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